Queen Sheena Nights Over Egypt Belly Dance, LLC

Performer & Instructor Compliments
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 Instructor Compliments  

 I really enjoyed myself last night in your class.  I look forward to many many more classes – lol

Dawn  (June 2017)


I'm thrilled for you.  I know the ladies in your class will learn lessons for life.

Rickie  (June 2017)


My body felt the effects of the "long-awaited" class but it was worth it.

Phyllis  (June 2017)


 Hi Regina, I really did enjoy myself last night.  I even went home and showed my daughter some of the moves I learned.  She was impressed.

Debra Corbett

I really enjoyed class last night and can see how it all comes together. (Have a great weekend) 

Mellanese Sims 

I looked at the Video from Verna’s from the VFW performance.  I must say that I was really surprised!!!!!!  After taking some private lessons with you I could actually see an improvement in my performance.  Thank you so much for encouraging me and being my inspiration.

 See you Wednesday…


Thanks for the encouragement Queen Sheena . . . I’m determined to get this thing.  You’re a wonderful instructor!!!!

 Chandra Marriott   

Hi Queen Sheena-I really enjoyed the class- I was stressed and started to skip-but the class was what I needed, THANKS! 


Hello Queen Sheena, I pray you're having a blessed day.  Just wanted to inform you that I will not be in class tomorrow.  You know I will miss the workout, learning new moves, and the fun.  Have a wonderful session tomorrow and I'll see you next week. By the way, you're doing an excellent job teaching us.  Thanks again for being you. 



Whenever you start classes I plan to take them again.  The last class I took I did not finish the last 3 sessions because the teacher’s technique of teaching was different.  She did whatever movements came to her mind and we followed along.  We weren’t told what the steps or movements were.  There was very little structure to the class and I’m used to the repetition of steps and being told what the step or movement is.  I would never bad mouth this teacher, it’s just her method of teaching was not for me.  I’m going to try other classes at Bally’s, No Excuse Gym and other places just for fun, but I’ll come back to your classes in a heartbeat!  

Wallace, Phyllis

Queen Sheena,Happy 2012. Just wanted to share my experience. I attended a bellydancing workshop.  This was her first class at this center.  She complimented me by saying that I had a great instructor.....so I wanted to pass that on to you. You may use my testimony to show what a great teacher you are and how other instructor's recognize it!

GwenDolyn Yarborough-Hall


Performance Compliments 

I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your performance on Thursday evening!  You were outstanding and you looked so pretty!!  I'm so proud of you :-)  To be able to perform like that in front of all of those people...girl, you did your thing!!  Everyone did a wonderful job. Thanks so much for inviting me and I look forward to coming out to support you and your group in the future. Take care :-) Mary 

Great job, Regina!  I actually made it to see you.  I almost regret missing you all those times you were performing at Colony South (and not joining the class when it was in the CWET Shop).  BTW, if you're wondering who this is, this is the woman who's always with Keenya in the mornings. Tonia ShirleyU S Census Bureau   The show was great!  A couple of friends said they really enjoyed it.  One friend said you were really good, Queen Sheena.... and she said Yucy was a great instructor!...  I agree with both these observations!...  It was really a very nice program.... 

Lydia Scoon-RogersStatistician, U.S. Census Bureau

 I don't know if you received the news but Lotus is holding tryouts for the NDC. I think you would be a great asset to their troupe and it also sounds like fun. They will be doing more traveling and what not so you may want to check that out. I'll see you on the 9th.
Thanks, Naimah 

Hey Regina, I had a great time.  I have to tell you that I really enjoyed your performance.   I was talking to the mother one of the other dancers, and she tell me how much she enjoy your performance.  One day you have sit down and explain the different styles of belly dancing.  
Thanks, Dana
PS Let me know when and where next performance.     


I can't wait to be well enough to get back to it.  But I do have a fabulous lady to recommend.  Her name is Regina too -- Regina Woods.  Her dance/performance name is Queen Sheena.  She's a very accomplished dancer and you can reach her at queensheena@gmail.com.  I'll e-mail her to let her know I've recommended her to you.