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I am sorry there are no Wednesday classes being offer at this time only Tuesday and  Thursday classes.  If you are interested in Tuesday (Level II Intermediate) or Thursday Level 1 Beginners/Refresher) classes go to those links from the "Home" page or select Tuesday or Thursday links from this page you are currently at near the top of this page.

Check out the Sahara Dance clip and how their students are taking an artful approach to belly dance.  They are really enjoying themselves, I love this clip! This should encourage you to try belly dance, and if you've taken it before it should encourage you to get back in to it.  This is a great workout for the mid-section ladies!!!

Sahara's Belly Dance Clip - Here what dancers are saying...






No Wednesday classes are available at this time. The PayPal payment option has been removed. Thank you.


What to Wear:
Wear comfortable clothing such as exercise gear - sweat pants, leggins, stretch pants, belly dance pants, t-shirt but not too big, leotard, etc...  Hip sashes/tassels or coin belts are not required for class, but they can be purchased at time of class if available or bring your own.

Foot Wear:
Please, no sneakers wear footies, socks, ballet slippers, or bare feet at your discretion.

Class Policy

Missed Class/Classes
The instructor is not responsible for a student missing a class.  However, if the instructor has to cancel class due to an emergency the class will be rescheduled. 

Drop-in fees are $15.00 and can be applied to the $75.00 tuition fee during the first two classes only.  For example, if anyone wanted to drop in they will be allowed to pay the $15.00 drop-in fee the first week and second week during the start of the six week session.  Afterwards, drop in fees are no longer allowed. 









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