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Meet Ms. Queen Sheena (photo taken March 2012)
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Professional Belly Dancer

          ***Egyptian & Modern Style Middle Eastern Dance by Queen Sheena ***

Belly Dance (Raks Sharki) for fitness, loose weight, tones, strengthens abs and more...

Belly Dance a great workout, great body!
Photo taken December 2011

Exercise and live longer!  Belly Dancing is a great cardiovascular exercise!  Not only does it strengthen abs and build confidence, but its fun, sensual, and sexy!    

There’s no doubt in my mind that you won’t enjoy the workout or the company of other women when taking belly dancing.  It’s a wonderful form of exercise where you can feel graceful & beautiful no matter the size, age, or race.  Every female should take a class or workshop to experience the exercise and the joy you experience from it. 

July 2011
Photo by Amber Woods

Photo by Victor Holt